July 31, 2010

summer fans drought dust
tonight like a memory
tires on wet pavement


13 July, 2010

July 14, 2010

on a road eastward
the pink and grey of white clouds
three blackbirds one crow

October 17, 2009

fallen leaves scattered
like steps in a waltz I dance
and rewrite the song

October 1, 2009

shadow before me
coming home from somewhere west
bittersweet sunset

September 13, 2009

crow or just shadow
black shape skits across the road
corner of my eye

September 11, 2009

all I remember
gulls flying in the harbor
smoke and ash nothing

September 9, 2009

dove grey as morning
wings back in modest black lace
a barely pink breast

Back. I want to see the fall.

August 11, 2009

a vase of flowers
an empty bowl full of light
left on a table

April 8, 2009

yellow, now yellow
willow last to turn, now buds
wait, burning yellow

March 13, 2009

moon at seven ten
drifting between two lamp posts
atomic clock says

the usual; a friend
just an acquaintance really
dying of cancer

newspaper story
belief center in brain found
believe whatever